HAIR SERVICES-The way hair extensions are applied or removed plays a BIG part in hair lose. I have clients whom have been getting their hair extensions done for more than 6 years without any problems.

It is important that the client is given enough knowledge information about how to take care of their natural hair and their hair extensions. After care plays the biggest role in the welfare of the client hair.

It is normal to see some hair fall when you take out your hair extensions or it being taking out, we loose hair everyday so when the hair is tied in a bond for months, the hair  doesn’t get the chance to fall out.

Losing out your hair extensions, finally releases the falling hair to come out, so don’t worry too much when you see some hair on the floor. What to look out for is bald patch and excessive hair fall is not normal.



 Sew-In/Non-Cornrow Method £120 + Application only.Geenies's non-cornrow method

‘Geenie’s Sew-In’ is a special form of hair extensions application that I’ve developed by attaching weft hair extensions without the need for cornrows or micro-ring I only use threat. The method is far less obtrusive than the traditional ‘weave in’ application – and far easier to wash and dry.

Visually, it is a lot less bulky, so it gives the client greater flexibility when it comes to styling and is undetectable whether you wear your hair up or down. Furthermore, as your natural hair is combined with the extensions, you get a great deal more volume than with the traditional cornrow method. It looks and feels fuller and longer.

This discrete method is pain free and, as no glue or rings are involved, won’t damage your natural hair. The lack of cornrows means it is a lot easier to wash and care for your scalp too.

It is a long lasting method that is appropriate for any hair type, thin or thick, short or long, Caucasian or Afro. It is an especially good option for someone who is trying to grow their hair, or who suffers from hair loss.

I’ve seen clients who have previously lost hair due to harsh lace- front, excessively tight weave-on extensions, or who have weak hair growth at this sensitive temple area. This sew-in method works very well for these clients as it covers the temple area without further damaging the delicate hair-line.

(Removal only £30) Free removal with re-applications.

This method is particularly excellent for Caucasian hair types, relaxed Afro Caribbean  or mix race hair.

Brazilian Blow Dry/Keratin Treatment’

Price start from £100 +

Keratin Brazilian blow dry,

Keratin Brazilian blow dry” is a hair treatment that’ straightens your hair without damaging it by adding a protective coating to the hair shaft to prevent the hair from further damage.

The result are smoother, silky and manageable hair. Unlike relaxers or thermal conditioning treatment. Keratin Brazilian blow dry straightens the hair without damaging it.

( The control of the hot iron and the ironing is very important for not over processing the hair)

This treatment is also known as permanent blow dry, it’s a treatment that uses natural protein called Keratin that is found in hair & nails. The treatment penetrates damage or frizzy hair’ repairing it internal.

After the treatment, styling your hair becomes effortless. You’ll notice blow drying your hair or straightening take less time and effort.  After the 3rd treatment’ you should be able to get the treatment done twice a year only. Your hair will be more resilient and unaffected by the rain, humidity or sweat. It is great for frizzy, curly, Afro Caribbean or Mix race hair. Keratin treatment can replace the need for using hair relaxers once it agrees with your hair.

Depending on your hair type and frequency of washing, results can last between 3 – 4 months the first 3 times of the treatment, then twice a year after that after. You do not want to over process the hair.

I recommend using hair Botox between your Keratin treatment. For example” get your Keratin treatment done every 6 months” then hair Botox between every 2-3 months.

Too much Keratin can change the texture of your hair by making your hair feel thin, so combined Keratin & hair Botox treatment.

Also remember to only get your regrowth done not the whole hair next time you need the Keratin treatment done, as it is your new hair growth that needed doing, too much straightening of the hair can lead to hair breakage or thinning of the hair.

You should see an improvement in the quality of your hair growth following this treatment, it is important to ensure you always use SLS or sodium free shampoo. Shampoo containing sodium can strips the keratin treatment out of the hair, bringing your hair back to square one.


Hair Botox Treatment Price Start From £70+

HAIR BOTOX TREATMENT‘ Hair Botox is a hair treatment that repairs damaged, broken hair fibers, chemically over processed dull or frizzy hair. The ingredients in hair Botox guarantee to moisturise, nourish, repair, revives and making your hair silky, soft and manageable.

Hair Botox adds incredible shine, softness, eliminates frizzy, it leaves your hair looking fuller and vibrant. Hair Botox doesn’t make the hair go thin like keratin does over time or after too much over processing.

If you’re looking for a hair treatment that can repairs, soften, add radiant to damage or frizzy hair’ then Hair Botox is the one. Hair Botox is fairly new in the market as the new hair treatment trend’ it has a positive results and reviews among consumers and hair experts including myself.

The name Botox can be scary to some people’ don’t worry we’re not going to inject your scalp with the product.

The name is call Hair Botox simple because the products gives your damage or frizzy hair an instant boost of radiant’s and energy, the result can last 1-2 months depending on how often you wash your hair and the type of shampoo use.

Your hair texture can be maintain by the amount of straightening of the hair you do during the procedure, and the control of the heated iron is also very important assuring the texture of the hair after the treatment.

Hair Botox can make the hair much more manageable, without completely straightening out the curls in you hair.

Hair Botox is formaldehyde free and less harsh’ making it suitable for pregnant women and young children.

The only downside is that’ Hair Botox doesn’t last as long as Keratin treatment does but it is equally as good. If you have tried Keratin treatment and found it too harsh then hair Botox is the next best then.

I also recommend using hair Botox between your Keratin treatment. For example” get your Keratin treatment done every 6 months” then hair Botox between every 2-3 months.

Too much Keratin can change the texture of your hair by making your hair feel thin, so combined the two!

Hair Botox is okay for all hair types such as‘ Brunette, Afro- Caribbean, Mix-Race or Blonde hair.

Use Hair Botox as hair treatment for badly damage or frizzy hair!


Brazilian Knots Price Starts From £ 170 + for applications only.

                  What you need to know about Brazilian Knots”

At Geenie hair extensions’ we have great experience in all types of hair extensions and methods, I’ve been aware of Brazilian Knots method since 2005. I started offering the Knots method to my clients in 2010 after trying it out myself for 5 years. I can proudly say that am an expert in Brazilian Knots, my experience exceeds me!

The ‘Brazilian Knots’ technique has become popular, and one of the most natural way of applying hair extensions. The process of application uses no harsh chemicals such as, glues, heat or rings. It feels and look natural, flexible and discrete. It feels lightweight with no bulkiness, the hair extensions are attached simply and discreetly by using elasticated thread.

The thread is carefully matched to the clients hair colour making the hair extensions blend and undetectable.

Unlike bonded/fusion or micro-Rings‘ no need to pre-tip the hair’ for application, you can use bulk hair or cut it off a weft hair extension.

It is far easier to build the volume of each strand and the thickness of each strand to carefully match it to the client’s hair texture.

Too much hair extensions on a fine hair can put far too much pressure on the client natural hair, this can cost damage to their hair in the long run.

This method is great option for those whom have active life style or those whom wants glamour hassle free hair. It is suitable for all hair types’ whether your hair is Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Mix race, fine, thick, short or long. Once you  get use to them after a week or so’ they’ll feel part of you you’ll forget they’re there, and no one will know you have got them in.

Before choosing Brazilian Knots hair extensions method, it is very important to choose a reputable expert in this method. Brazilian Knots can be time consuming and can take 4-8 hours depending on the amount of hair use’ also how short the client hair is, shorter the hair’ longer and more grams of hair extensions are needed for the application’ and so this can take time if it is properly done.

Applications can last 3-5 months depending on how fast your hair grows, the thickness, the length of your hair and how your style or maintains it. I normally pass on all this information to my client’s after I finish doing their hair extensions. There are hair products you can use that can help your hair extensions a great deal

No need for maintenance

No chemicals are use to remove them, you can also do hair treatment as you would your natural hair, the only treatment to avoid is excessive oils on the attachment this can cause the hair extensions to slide out. You can use hair mask or hair conditioner from the root to the ends.

Brazilian Knots are one of the safest hair extensions method around if properly apply and properly taking out. The way the hair extensions are remove is very important. If it is not remove correctly’ this can cause your hair to break. My advice is do not try to take them out yourself’ fine someone that knows what they’re doing to take them out for you.

Remember you get what you pay for!

Brazilian Knots is an intricate method that requires a specialist in the technique. There are many misconceptions about Brazilian knots, but if an experienced hair extensions technician applies them the the right way’ you shouldn’t feel pain or the pain should be very minimum, your hair extensions should be pain free within a few days.

It is important to pay for good quality Virgin or row unprocessed hair extensions, if you don’t wan’t your Brazilian Knots sliding out. You better off paying a bit more for an experience hair extensions technician and a good quality hair as you’ll be glad you did in the long round!

If after a week and after washing your hair extensions you still feel pain’ then something is wrong, the applications has been applied too close to your scalp, this could pull out your hair from the root’ you need to be careful.

Also if you loss more than 5 strands within  the first month, then something is wrong.

If you want your hair extensions to last’ less blow dry is the best way to go!

Removal start from £50+ depending on how long you’ve left them in for. Free removal with re-applications.


Micro-Rings Nano-Rings or Micro-beads Price From £140 + for applications only.(60)

This method is one of the most common techniques around, it looks great’ easy to fix and maintain. We use pre-tipped hair extensions and micro rings for this method.

They’re easy to apply, easy to take out and don’t require any glue. It takes 2-4 hours to apply depending on the amount of hair used.

The tiny micro rings are coated with keratin silicon to protect your own hair from breaking, the pre-tip hair can last up to 5 months with maintenance needed very 8 weeks.

Please note you can not apply hair conditioner directly on to the micro rings as they’ll the hair extensions will slide out.

If you are someone who needs to condition you hair from the roots, then this method is not for you.

Try the Brazilian Knots method instead! 

(£50 removal only)

Rings-On Weft/LA Weave £100 +

This method is for people that want simple sew-in weft hair extensions but without cornrows. Rather than using cornrows, we attach Micro-Ring to a small section of your hair, securing it in place’ then sew the weft onto the ring section. This method lasts 4-8 weeks.

Weave On Price From £100+ Applications only.

unnamed (58)

Those of us who have used Weave-On hair extensions in the past know that they can make you feel like a million dollars, but this pleasure can come with pain if they are applied too tightly. My tracks are fixed individually in a safe, gentle way, allowing easy access to your scalp.

They are easy to wash and dry so your hair will look and feel clean and glamorous at all times. This method last best on Afro-Caribbean hair  type – it adds length and volume!

£50 removal only.

We also offer’

PreBonded / Fusion Hair Extensions (Remy Hair)

Pre-Bonded / Fusion Hair Extensions (Virgin hair) 

Tape – In / MFold Hair Extensions 

Nano Rings

Micro Rings price List for Full Head


Hair Botox Treatment Price Start From £50 +

Hair Botox

Botox restructures badly damaged hair, repairs split ends, eliminates frizz and adds incredible shine to hair. The treatment also nourishes the scalp and helps fight dandruff and hair loss.
Keratin treatment is a better option if you want straight and manageable hair since the keratin treatment straightens hair more than Hair Botox. If you want to bring your hair back to life and diminish the frizz but still keep your waves intact, then Hair Botox is what you need. Hair Botox smooth the curls and makes them much more manageable, but the treatment won’t completely straighten the hair. Also Hair Botox would be a treatment of choice if you want silky-looking, and frizz free hair, but prefer not to use harsh chemicals.

The name Botox can be scary to some people I can assure you that there are no injection involve. It’s just the name of the treatment as Botox hair product gives your hair a boost of radiant and tame frizzy hair. Hair Botox is formaldehyde free it is suitable for pregnant Women and young children. Hair Botox does not last as much as Keratin treatment does bout it is equally as good. If you have tried Keratin treatment and it wasn’t for you then try Hair Botox it work for all hair types Brunette Afro or Blonde hair

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