http:// all I’m delighted to say’ I’m going to be on Osibisa radio tomorrow to talk about the benefit of my hair products, with the one and only host Mr Brown Eye at 6:23. Please tune in or call in for anything you need to know regarding GeeniePro hair products or just tune in for your support thanks! Dee.

Osibisa interview with Me

As a hair extensions specialist and someone that is passionate about my hair and my client’s hair wellbeing, I became frustrated with the lack of natural hair products out there in the market, most hair products in the market strips away all the goodness out of our hair & scalps. I wanted a hair products that does the job and are kind to our hair & scalp. I believe that in-able for us to keep having hair extensions done’ it is important our natural hair is in good condition!

I started mixing up shampoo & hair masque at home with  pure natural essential oils for me and my client’s

As someone that works with all types of hair’ it came to my attention from early on that even though our hairs were deferent’ one thing we all need to have is a healthy scalp. We always play so much attention to our hair and not our scalp we forgets the hair comes from the scalp.

After 10 years of experimenting with natural essential oils and other oils at home and seeing the good result natural essential oils can offer us, I was ready to take the next step with my hair products’ so I went to see one of the oldest manufacturers in London. This family have been specialising in natural essential oils and holistic remedy since 1848. I told Steve about my product and the ingredients I wanted to have in them; I also told him how much percentage of pure essential oils & other oils I wanted in the products, I did not compromise on the percentages I can tell you this much. I wanted a quality hair products, a hair product that can be use on all hair types, and has natural ingredients that can clean and nourishes the hair & scalp well without leaving the hair greasy. I wanted the products to have les chemicals as we possible can make them without it going off in no time! GeeniePro shampoo are concentrated so it goes a long way’ it clients the hair & scalp very well even thought is SLS free!