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Before & After Sew-In Extensions

Before & After Sew-In Extensions Geenie’s Sew-In’ is a special form of hair extensions application that I’ve developed by attaching weft hair extensions without the need for cornrows or micro-ring I only use threat. The method is far less obtrusive than the traditional ‘weave in’ application – and far easier to wash and dry. Visually, […]

Hair Botox Treatment

I did hair Botox treatment for my client this morning at her hotel room, her natural hair is curly, frizzy and thin. hair Botox has added volume and slick and easy to manage, great result!   Hair Botox is a hair treatment that repairs damaged, broken hair fibers, chemically over processed dull or frizzy hair. The […]

Geenie Hair

Hair Botox Treatment-Before and After Video

Hair Botox Treatment-Before and After Video Hair Botox Treatment-Before and After Video; My client has a damage frizzy hair and wanted to do something about this problem. She have had Keratin treatment done in the past, she wanted to try something less harsh so she decided to try out hair Botox treatment. Hair Botox is […]

Our Celeb Client-Morocco

Our Celeb Client-Morocco Actor Kilila Bounaylat from Morocco’ she’s rooking her Brazilian Knots hair extensions by Geenie Hair.   The ‘Brazilian Knots’ technique has become popular, and most natural way of applying hair extensions. The process of applications uses no harsh chemicals such as, glues, heat or rings. It gives a natural and flexible look […]

GeeniePro Hair Produtcs


Hair Extensions Tip: Did you know, once hair is cut to be use as hair extensions it doesn’t get any more nutrients from the scalp? The only way to keep your hair extensions from looking dry is by using good hair product that can add nourishment and shin back to the hair. Try using shampoo […]