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Geenie Hair Extensions

Geenie’s Sew-In Method

I have created a way to sew-in hair extensions without using braids or micro-rings, this method allowed me to attach weft hair extensions without the need of braid, ring or glue. I use a special thread to secure your own hair in place’ then sew-in a track of weft hair extensions on the secure sections.

Geenie hair Extensions

Brazilian Knots

My client wanted a bit more volume and length. Here is the result where I did Brazilian Knots to help her achieve the natural result she wanted.

Geenie Hair

Brazilian Knots

Brazilian Knots. We added 50 grams of hair with Brazilian Knots method for my client, this gave her a natural finished.

Tape-In Hair extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions With Highlight

I love the way our stunning client Tara Sigari is rocking hair Tape-In hair extensions done by Geenie hair extensions. She look amazing in that outfit too, she always knows how to look good. It’s always a good idea to put highlights hair extensions in for hair if you want a change of look.

Hair Botox Treatment For Damaged Hair

Hair Botox for softer, healthier hair. My client had damaged her hair from too much heat styling. After hair Botox treatment now her hair looks and feels so…… much healthier.