ABOUT-DEE BLACK- a qualified hair extensions specialist technician  and a member of BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) ABOUT ME

Hello my name is Dee Black; I’m a hair extensions specialist, founder of Geenie hair & GeeniePro hair products. I specialise in 100% human hair extensions that look, feel and blend beautifully with your natural style. My hair extensions are easy to maintain and long lasting.

The techniques I use add length and volume whilst being so discrete they are undetectable to others. I use only the best quality hair and offer a choice of varieties: Virgin hair extensions – consist of real untreated natural Human hair that looks and feels as natural as your own and doesn’t change texture and can be re-used several times.

You also have the choice of remy hair’ 100% human hair extensions – these are also beautiful, but have been chemically treated. Both can be washed, coloured and styled exactly like your natural hair.

I always aim to provide the highest quality service’ this is not just a business to me, I am passionate about my job and enjoys it a great deal. It gives me great satisfaction to see the happiness on my client face when they see the finished result of my work.

I offer a complimentary consultation for each new client free of charge. This helps me assess the clients hair, texture and colour before the hair extensions application. It also helps break the ice and help me find out a bit more about the client.

We all have different reasons for wanting to get hair extensions – some of us want volume, some length and for others, it is for medical reasons. Whether you have thin, thick or short hair, it is important your hair extensions are matched correctly because the incorrect texture, or the wrong type of hair, won’t look natural.

I like to be equipped with as much information from the client as possible  to begin with’ so that my work can be spot on.

Geenie Hiar  extensions’ is all about turning heads!

I’m trained and experienced in working with all variety of hair types, and am experienced in both European or Afro hair.

Some methods of hair extensions may not be suitable for certain hair types or textures, that’s the reason I offer a free consultation for all first time client’s living in London and Greater London.

Once I see your hair I can advise you on the best method that will give you maximum benefit for your personal requirements and your budget, although, of course the end decision is always reserved for the client.

I have also developed my own special application process for sewing in weft hair extensions without cornrows. This can last up to 3 months and it is great for adding length and volume without the bulkiness that weave-On normally add please watch my video on hair service page.

My mobile hair extensions and hair treatment services means I can come to you and apply your hair extensions or the hair treatment in the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, if it is preferable, you can come to mine’ and be pampered the choice is yours.

Any questions about my hair services please feel free to get in touch with me I’ll be more then happy to answer your questions.


It’s easy to book your complimentary consultation, contact us on the information below or simply fill in the form and we will get in touch to arrange a suitable time to come and meet you any where in the zone 1-8

I can advise you on the best hair and method tailored to you and your budget.

Please note” outside zones 1 & 6 a transportation fee may apply.



GeeniePro SLS & PEG Free Hair Products!

As someone that has been working with hair for a long time and are passionate about the health of my clients and my own hair, I became frustrated by the lack of natural hair products on the market. Most of those available contain harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils.

I wanted a hair products that would do the job while being kind to my hair, skin and scalp. I strongly believe to ensure a healthy hair you need a healthy scalp. Several years ago, I started mixing pure natural essential oils to my shampoo, conditional and hair masques at home for myself and for my client’s with hair issues.

For years I have worked with all hair types, it came to my attention that although everyone’s hair requirements are different we all need to maintain a healthy scalp. We pay so much attention to our hair, we forget that beautiful hair comes from a healthy well cared for scalp.

After 10 years experimenting with essential and other natural oils, and seeing the brilliant results they can create, I was ready to take the next step. I went to see one of the oldest manufacturers in holistic and natural remedies in London.  A family business that has been specialising in natural essential oils and holistic remedies since 1848. I informed them about my products and the ingredients I wanted to use.

I also explained that I wanted to use as high a percentage of pure essentials oil as I possible can. I wanted a product that can deliver and I wasn’t going to compromise on the ingredient’s and I am delighted by the final result.

Anyone that have used this hair product’s only has good things to say about them!

We were able to create a high quality hair product that works whatever your hair type. We’ve made the hair products as natural as we possibly can. We have used natural ingredients that cleans and nourishes the hair & scalp without leaving the hair greasy even though the conditional and hair Masque contain 1.34% of Morocco Argan oil.

Did you know a top brand of hair product with Argan oil only contain 0.7% of Argan oil? (We have 1.34%)

We are proud to say our hair products are free of: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Polysorbate PEG (polyethylene glycol) Amodlmethlcone, Cetrimonlum Chloride, Parabens

Made in UK



Email: info@geeniehair.co.uk TEL: 0774 777 3239