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I did hair Botox treatment for my client this morning at her hotel room, her natural hair is curly, frizzy and thin. hair Botox has added volume and slick and easy to manage, great result!


Hair Botox is a hair treatment that repairs damaged, broken hair fibers, chemically over processed dull or frizzy hair. The ingredients in hair Botox guarantee to moisturise, nourish, repair, revives and making your hair silky, soft and manageable.

Hair Botox adds incredible shine, softness, eliminates frizzy, it leaves your hair looking fuller and vibrant. Hair Botox doesn’t make the hair go thin like keratin does over time or after too much over processing.

If you’re looking for a hair treatment that can repairs, soften, add radiant to damage or frizzy hair’ then Hair Botox is the one. Hair Botox is fairly new in the market as the new hair treatment trend’ it has a positive results and reviews among consumers and hair experts including myself.

The name Botox can be scary to some people’ don’t worry we’re not going to inject your scalp with the product.

The name is call Hair Botox simple because the products gives your damage or frizzy hair an instant boost of radiant’s and energy, the result can last 1-2 months depending on how often you wash your hair and the type of shampoo use.

Your hair texture can be maintain by the amount of straightening of the hair you do during the procedure, and the control of the heated iron is also very important assuring the texture of the hair after the treatment.

Hair Botox can make the hair much more manageable, without completely straightening out the curls in you hair.

Hair Botox is formaldehyde free and less harsh’ making it suitable for pregnant women and young children.

The only downside is that’ Hair Botox doesn’t last as long as Keratin treatment does but it is equally as good. If you have tried Keratin treatment and found it too harsh then hair Botox is the next best then.

I also recommend using hair Botox between your Keratin treatment. For example” get your Keratin treatment done every 6 months” then hair Botox between every 2-3 months.

Too much Keratin can change the texture of your hair by making your hair feel thin, so combined the two!