Brazilian Knots

Brazilian Knot

Applications only with clients own hair extensions start from £170 – £200

Applications can take between 4 – 8 hours to apply

Applications with 100% human hair non-wax

Dark 14” to 30”

Prices starts from £280+ to £600+

Blonde 14” to 30”

Prices start from £300+ to £ 700+

Removal only £50

Prices are based per 100g of hair used. Each pack of hair contains 100g.




Sew-In or Weave-On

Applications only starts from £80 – £130

Sew-In Applications with 100% Human non-wax

14” to 30”

Dark Hair prices start from £180+ to £550+


Blonde Hair 14” to 30”

Prices start from £230 + to £600+

Applications take between 2 – 6 hour to apply

Removal only £50


Micro-Rings applications only start from £120£120+
Applications with Remy hair 70 strands 16-18’£200 £200
Applications with Remy 20-22”hair 100 strands of hair £240
Applications with pre-tipped 100% Human Hair
16-18” Dark hair 100 strands £250£250
16-18” Blonde hair 100 strands £280
20-22” Dark hair 100 strands £300
20-22” Blonde Hair 100 strands £300
Applications with pre-tipped 100% Human Hair
Removal only £60
Maintenance £80
maintenance with new Rings £100

Bonded Virgin hair Extensions  non wax

Applications only £150

Dark hair with 100% Human hair

16-30” £300+ to £550


Blonde hair

Half head 16-30”

Prices starts from £350+ to £600

Removal only £80

Type -On Or M-Fold 100% Human hair

16-24”Prices start from £250+ to £450

Removal only £80

All hair extensions removal is free if you redo your hair!

Advice will be given about how to take care of your hair extensions so that you can get the maximum benefit from them


Brazilian Blow Dry/ Keratin treatment

Short Hair £120 first time application, £100 re-do

Medium Hair £150 first time application, £130 re-do

Long Hair £180 first time application, £160 re-do

Very Long Hair £200 first time application, £180 re-do

Treatment takes between 2-4 hours

Lasts between 3-6 months

Hair Botox Treatment start from £50 +



Hair Botox price start from £50 +

Hair Botox are you looking for a hair product that can strengthens your hair and add radiant to frizzy hair you might have heard of hair Botox. It is the latest hair treatment that has been quickly making it stand with positive reviews among consumers and hair experts.

The name Botox can be scary to some people I can assure you that there are no injection involve. It’s just the name of the treatment as Botox hair product gives your hair a boost of radiant and tame frizzy hair. Hair Botox is formaldehyde free it is suitable for pregnant Women and young children. Hair Botox does not last as much as Keratin treatment does bout it is equally as good. If you have tried Keratin treatment and it wasn’t for you then try Hair Botox it work for all hair types Brunette Afro or Blonde hair

Hair Botox Treatment

From £50 -£70