Geenie’s Sewn-In

Geenie Hair Extensions

Geenie’s Sewn-In- No Bulkiness No Lumpiness No Rings

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Geenie’s Sew-In’ is a special form of application I’ve developed to attach weft hair extensions without the need for cornrows. The method is far less obtrusive than the traditional ‘weave in’ application – and far easier to wash and dry. Visually, it is a lot less bulky, so gives the client greater flexibility when it comes to styling and is undetectable whether you wear your hair up or down. Furthermore, as your natural hair is combined with the extensions, you get a great deal more volume than with the traditional cornrow method. It looks and feels fuller and longer.

This discrete method is pain free and, as no glue or rings are involved, won’t damage your natural hair. The lack of cornrows means it is a lot easier to wash and care for your scalp too. It is a long lasting method that is appropriate for any hair type, thin or thick, short or long, Caucasian or Afro. It is an especially good option for someone who is trying to grow their hair, or who suffers from hair loss. I’ve seen clients who have previously lost hair due to harsh lace- front, excessively tight weave-on extensions, or who have weak hair growth at this sensitive temple area. This sew-in method works very well for these clients as it covers the temple area without further damaging the delicate hair-line.