Hair that looks and feels amazing makes us feel a million dollars. We get great pleasure from seeing the stunning results our expertly applied extensions create for our clients. We are proud to only ever use the highest-grade human hair and offer a variety of options that are easy to care for and highly flexible – whatever your requirements.

Our Virgin hair extensions consist of 100% high quality human hair, and blend effortlessly with your own hair to give natural fullness and length.

The ‘Brazilian Knots’ technique is fast becoming the most popular, and most natural, way to apply hair extensions worldwide. This process uses no adhesives, glues, heat or rings and gives an extremely natural look with no bulkiness. Extensions are attached simply and discreetly using thread that is carefully matched to your natural hair colour. Unlike other methods, extensions do not have to be pre-bonded so it is far easier to adjust the volume of each strand. The thickness of every strand is carefully matched to the client’s hair texture, so those with fine hair need not worry about having chunky attachments that are too heavy for them. It is an ideal technique for those who wish to add length and volume, and is a great option for those who are trying to grow their own natural hair. It’s suitable for all types of hair whether Caucasian or Afro, fine or thick, short or long. A totally safe method, there is no damage to the natural hair.

Brazilian knots take between 4-8 hours to apply, depending on how many grams of hair are used, and can last up to 5 months. No maintenance is required and they are easily removed without the need for harsh chemicals. These extensions feel so light you barely feel them once they are applied, and you can wash and condition from root to bottom just as you would your own hair.